Tecmo Koei added Hisahide Matsunaga to the Samurai Warriors 4 roster. In previous games he used bombs, but in Samurai Warriors 4 he has an oversized sickle.


Hisahide Matsunaga

samw4-1 samw4-2 samw4-3


Samurai Warriors 4 has different stories and you’ll see the Warring States period from multiple perspectives. Nobunaga Oda has his own chapter and in Shingen Takeda’s chapter you’ll see the young Sanada brothers.


samw4-10 samw4-11


Nobunaga Oda

samw4-4 samw4-5


Mitsuhide Akechi

samw4-6 samw4-7


Shingen Takeda

samw4-8 samw4-9


Samurai Warriors 4 comes out on March 20 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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