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Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3 Introduces A New Time Attack Stage mode



In addition to having over 50 commanders from Samurai Warriors 4, Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3 loads up on a bunch of new “what if” stories. Here’s a look at what else is new, with a mode that will have players take on stages full of enemies for handsome rewards.


In the Martial Arts Training Facility, you’ll have various objectives such as defeating characters and reaching certain destinations, and the goal is to basically amass as many points possible.



The key is to use the character change system wisely, and earn points. Again, missions will have various conditions going on, so you’ll need to think about different factors.


003 004

Once you start a game in the Martial Arts Training Facility mode, you’ll have a time limit of five minutes. Once you clear a mission, you’ll get some more time extended. As you play through, you’ll gain points, and can also get them from enemy drops.


005 006

After clearing a certain amount of missions, an escape opens up. Basically, players will have the choice of either trying to get as many points possible within the allotted time as they go on, or do their best to gain more time so they can keep it going for longer.


Here’s a look at some of the guest characters who will appear as enemies in this mode:


008 010

Orochi and Sun Wukong.

012 014

Kyubi and Lu Bu.

015 016

The points acquired in this mode can be used to purchase various equipments and other items.


017 018

There’s also a leaderboard to show off some of the best players based on their points. The rankings get reset after a certain period of time. There’s also a class system which offers players more ways to get rewards.


Samurai Warriors Chronicle is slated for release in Japan on December 4, 2014 for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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