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Sanrio World Smash Ball-like SpiritSphere DX Arrives July 2, 2018




A competitive Pong-like is making its way to the Nintendo Switch very soon. On July 2, 2018, people will be able to pick up SpiritSphere DX for $10. Like Sanrio World Smash Ball, for the Super Nintendo, players pick cute characters and fight it out in unusual arenas by hitting an orb back and forth. Points are scored when it heads into the opponent’s goal.


The Nintendo Switch version of SpiritSphere DX is filled with multiple modes and game options. People can go through a solo Campaign compete against a friend in a Regular Match, learn in Practice Mode, play a 2v1 boss mode with 3 Player Mode, try to hit targets in Target Mode, use the sphere to play squash in Squash Mode, contribute in Ghost Mode and even play Frisbee Mode with frisbees. This version also has Hand2Hand Mode, played in Handheld Mode, where people hold the system vertically and a person is at each end, using that attached Joy-Con to play.


The SpiritSphere DX launch trailer reviews all of the modes.



Footage of the Nintendo Switch version’s first 10 minutes is also available, showing off some of the characters and gameplay.



SpiritSphere is immediately available on the PC.

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