Sapphire, Jeeves, Ganache, And Apricot Come To Neko Atsume


neko atsume Neko Atsume has updated, which has brought four new kitties, a new room, extra toys, and wallpapers to the game. Think of this update as the food-related one, despite there being no new kinds of food to serve the cats. It’s fanciful and frilly, with plenty of items that will help people who’ve been playing for weeks spend spare fish.


To start, there’s a new remodel option. It’s called Sugary Style and costs 280 gold fish. It has a chocolate house, cookie steps, a wafer cabinet, and lots of pastel colors.


It goes well with all of the new items. While there are a few items that aren’t food related, like the Fairy-tale Parasol (55 gold fish), Lucky Cushion (120 silver fish), Plum Cushions (13 gold fish), Royal Bed (43 gold fish), and Stump House (400 silver fish), most of the items are designed to go with this motif. The tastier items are the Biscuit Mat (280 silver fish), Choco Cornet Tunnel (350 silver fish), Cream-puff House (19 gold fish), Honey Pot (15 gold fish), Pancake Cushion (15 gold fish), and Tower of Treats (900 silver fish).


Now, on to the new cats. Apricot and Ganache are not rare. You’ll probably get them immediately after setting out any kind of food. I’ve been going with the newest items at the moment. Apricot has been by three times, and she’s been using the Choco Cornet Tunnel and white Plum Cushion. Ganache has been by four times and loves the Fairy-tale Parasol, Cream-puff House, and Tower of Treats.


Sapphire and Jeeves are rare. They often appear together, but don’t have to. Sometimes you’ll only see one or the other. I’ve only had the duo appear once, under the Fairy-tale Parasol. It was after I’d put out some Deluxe Tuna Bitz, and I’ve been attempting to lure them back ever since. I recommend having both of those accessories out and Deluxe Tuna Bitz in both bowls to get them to your yard.


The Neko Atsume update also allows you to purchase wallpapers for 20 gold fish each. I’m not exactly sure how these unlock, since the twelve are all already unlocked in my game, but you will have to meet certain cat requirements for these to become available. If you purchase a wallpaper, you’ll get an image you can use as a wallpaper on your phone, so I wouldn’t recommend spending gold fish on these. Save those fish for food and toys.


Neko Atsume is immediately available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Jenni Lada
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