Lucifer has revived one of four heroines, demanding they pay her back for the resurrection services in dungeon crawler/yuri visual novel hybrid Serment – Contract with a Devil.




There are four different heroines – ninja, mercenary, mage, and freelancer, each of which offers different abilities. Players can also recruit side characters to help them fight in active time battles as well.




Cooking, fishing, and crafting minigames will help heal the player’s characters and keep them fed as they wander the dungeon in first person.




Interactions between the other female characters are important as well. Players will be able to build up relationships with many of the characters in between dungeon raids, offering romance when not working to pay off the debt.




Serment – Contract with a Devil is due to release in April 2017, with a demo available now for players who want to see if it’s worth donating to the game’s IndieGoGo campaign or voting for it on Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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