Save Or Enslave The NPCs of Survival Horror RPG Last Days



Last Days, a post-apocalyptic survival horror RPG, will let players form their own safe outpost amidst an undead outbreak, offering sanctuary or slavery to the fellow survivors they meet along the way.


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Last Days’ branching storyline is affected by player choices, which will lead to multiple endings. Players will need to survive long enough to reach that point, though, which means avoiding the lurking zombies, finding crafting supplies to make survival gear, and building a safe haven to escape from the dangers of the world.


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Players will be able to bring other people into the outposts they have built. These NPCs can be given useful tasks to complete to make surviving easier. Players can also choose whether to welcome people freely into their settlement or capture them as slaves, putting them to work.


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A short demo is available on the game’s Gamejolt page. Last Days is raising votes on Steam Greenlight for a release in November of this year.

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