Save The Helpless Poultry Of Mother Base In The Chicken Pain



    The idea behind The Chicken Pain is simple: “Help David and Eli (the best soldiers of Diamond Chicks) to save all the chickens from Mother Base.”


    Yes, it’s based on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Except it has a lot more chickens. It’s two-player so you play as either David or Eli, running round a small recreation of Mother Base, extracting chickens using the Fulton recovery system.


    It was made in just seven days for a game-making frenzy called Duplicade. The challenge was to make a short head-to-head game that “must tread dangerously into the intellectual property of an existing game or game franchise, but be cleverly altered and culturally mangled enough to not be worth the effort to sue.”


    You can play The Chicken Pain in your browser or download it on

    Chris Priestman

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