Save Future Tokyo From Darkness In Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity

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Experience gave us a look at their upcoming dungeon crawling RPG, Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity, in their latest trailer.



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Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity takes place in the near future, where Tokyo is shrouded in darkness. The main character is part of an elite top secret force, known as X, featuring many young and talented individuals with special abilities to fight off enemies threatening the city.


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Demon Gaze illustrator, Tetsu Kurosawa, was also in charge of the character designs, as we can see the similar style in Experience’s latest Dungeon RPGs.


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The character creation feature allows you to make your very own hero. It has all the basic customization options such as hair style, color, voice and such, with an addition of smaller details such as eyebrows, eyes, mouth, ears, body types plus much more, to make your own unique characters.


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With all the customization options available, the look of your entire party is only limited by your imagination. You can go with a serious approach or even go with a crew consisting of cute chibi characters to rid the demons terrorizing Tokyo. Your custom made characters can also be shared with friends through Vita connectivity.



There’s even a scenario where you can make your own heroine into an in game idol!



The dungeon crawling parts will have an auto-pilot feature, similar to the one from Demon Gaze. As previously reported, there will be an Infinity Mode for veteran players, which drops your party to five people, in exchange for newer items exclusive to the mode.



Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity is slated to be released on April 25th, 2013.

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