Save The World By Finding The Sun In One Day: The Sun Disappeared


Everyone Needs Potions Or Bombs

Korean developer Teemo Soft has brought its mobile title One Day: The Sun Disappeared to PC. Previously a mobile game for Android and iOS, One Day: The Sun Disappeared is about a young warrior on a journey to save the world by finding the missing sun. The quest takes players across different lands filled with platforming puzzles that include homages to old school games like jumping over fiery lava pits or evading sharp icicles in the snow.


In each location, monsters can be defeated for gear specific to each area. Monsters have strengths and weaknesses based on their attribute type, and can be defeated easily when using weapons with the appropriate attribute. The game’s hero has limited stamina, and players are charged with managing it and the hero’s gear effectively.


There are about 100 pieces of gear to collect throughout the world, and cute pets like little flying dragons keep the hero company along the journey. Whether the hero enters battle with a traditional sword and shield, or holding a stuffed teddy bear, is up to the player.



One Day: The Sun Disappeared has recently released on Steam with trading cards, 16 achievements, and support for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers.