Save Your Friends From Becoming Bacon In This Upcoming Piggy RPG



Pigsodus is an upcoming RPG that stars, yes, a pig. It’s intentionally a little silly, with jokes scattered throughout, but it also won’t skimp on the challenge it’ll present to you.


Your motivation in the game is to save your friends before them are turned into bacon and other consumable pork products. You’ll have to journey across a number of environments and learn how to survive. The frozen Alaskan forests mean you’ll need warmth, for example.


To this end, there will be plenty of loot to find in Pigsodus, you’ll be able to make use of items and craft new ones. You can also upgrade your piggy as it learns how to survive, kitting it out with more pig features, and even equipment like shades and pockets.


The most direct threat to the pig will be hunters and wolves. The AI driving these enemies will be progressive and so you’ll have to outthink them. But it shouldn’t get to the point that the game becomes frustrating as Pigsodus will have a “Heroic system” that simply means its difficulty will adapt to your ability to survive and complete the trials you encounter.


Pigsodus will be coming to Kickstarter at some point. For now, you can keep up with its development on its website.

Chris Priestman