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Schwartz Will Be Final Playable Character in Tales of the Rays

In a surprise reveal, Schwartz from Tales of Legendia will appear as the final playable character in Tales of the Rays. The announcement Tweet implied that Grune will also have a special role.

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You’ll be able to get her from an event that’ll start from June 30, 2024. It’s unclear if players will be able to get Schwartz for free or if she’ll appear in the gacha. The Tweet also included a letter from the producer. In the letter, he confirms that Schwartz is the final playable character for Tales of the Rays. He and the team hope that players can enjoy their final surprise with a positive mindset.

The producer also gave an explanation as to why Schwartz is appearing so close to the game’s end of service (on July 23, 2024). Originally, Schwartz wasn’t going to be playable. But the team wanted to surprise players before the game ended. There wasn’t much time left and Schwartz was the character who was closest to becoming playable (in terms of development), so they chose to release her. Though they’d wanted to do something Legendia-based since it’s summer, as well as give Grune something special, they only had the time and resources to make Schwartz playable.

Schwartz was the final boss of Tales of Legendia. She also appeared as a hidden playable character in Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. Replies to the announcement thank the team for their hard work, as well as state that they’d been waiting for Schwartz’s appearance in the game.

Tales of the Rays is available on mobile devices and Schwartz will appear as a playable character from June 30, 2024. The game will end on July 23, 2024 and offline mode will be available from that date as well.

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