Sci-Fi Metroidvania MindSeize Rewards Players Who Mix Up Their Attacks


MindSeize, a sci-fi Metroidvania where players must place their consciousness inside a fighting machine to overcome a criminal organization, rewards players who vary their attacks, letting them heal and recharge if they fight just right.


‘The Ascended’ have been stealing minds, leaving the husks of bodies behind. A private investigator sought to find out what they were doing, but got caught doing so, finding his daughter’s mind stolen and his own body crippled. To overcome this setback, he places his mind inside of a fighting machine, using that lethal robot to battle dangerous foes across various planets as he seeks to free his daughter and uncover what the organization has been up to.

Players are given an array of melee and ranged weapons that they can find across the planets, powering up their preferred attacks with Upgrade Points or attaching mods that adjust how they work. While players may find one attack they like best, using ranged of melee abilities have various benefits unique to them. Using firearms recharges the player’s energy, which is used for high-powered melee attacks, and melee attacks recharge health. By mixing up shooting and melee attacks, players can keep themselves charged up and in a healthy state.


When not out in the field, players will return to a hub base and a crew of characters who are working with them. Players can get to know these crew members by talking to them in between missions, as well as fiddle with several machines and devices in their base.

MindSeize is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter, with a demo available on Steam,, and GameJolt.

Alistair Wong
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