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SCi-Fi RPG Technomancer Solves Martian Conflicts With Diplomacy Or Combat



Sci-fi RPG The Technomancer takes players on a mission to Mars, offering them several options to deal with conflicts they come across while on the Red Planet.




Technomancers that want to engage in straight combat have three styles to choose from – staff, blade/gun, and blade/shield. Each has its own differences in mobility, range, and power for the game’s live combat, and can all be enhanced through their own skill trees.




As the player is a Technomancer, they can use destructive electrical powers that can enhance their melee attacks, fire bolts of lightning, or set electrical traps to catch unprepared foes.




Players may find conflict to be something best avoided, and can try being diplomatic through the game’s dialogue system instead. Through dialogue choices, players can guide the story in different directions, as well as progress in quests. They can also form rivalries, romances, and friendships depending on their behavior, changing what paths through the game get unlocked.




Players can begin their rookie training on the wastelands of Mars now, as the game is already available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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