Sci-Fi Visual Novel The Human Reignition Project Gets New Character Redesigns



Alienworks has redesigned the characters in its upcoming sci-fi visual novel The Human Reignition Project. You can see the full redesigns for all the characters in the image above.


“Aside from just generally looking better, it’s our hope that this new look will be an easier match for the CG artists, too,” writes Alienworks. “While there will probably still be a bit of disconnect between the sprite and the CG style, we’re trying to minimize that as much as we can.”


If you want to compare, the image below shows each character’s original design:


Alienworks also provided some insight into the thinking behind the redesigns for the last two characters to get a makeover.


The first, as you can see above, is Senri. “While we’re all sad to see her painfully out-of-season crop top go, the new jacket that she’s sporting is both warmer and a little more memorable,” writes Alienworks.


And above is the second, Setsuna. “Hers wasn’t so much a redesign as it was a modernization – her coat was tailored a bit, and she’s just been updated to fit the new style.”


The Human Reignition Project had a successful Kickstarter last year and was also approved on Steam Greenlight. The plan is to get it out by December 2016. It’ll be published by Sekai Project.

Chris Priestman