Take a peek at the box art for the two disc edition of Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System. The bonus disc that came bundled with Final Fantasy XII: Collector’s Edition in North America is one of the extras in the updated Japanese release. Widescreen support, which Square-Enix gave to North America first, is another added feature and like the other International Editions this has English voice acting.




More interesting than what we have is the stuff we don’t have and Square-Enix added new content specifically for Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System. You can control Larsa, build Vaan on one of the twelve class oriented license grids and speed up combat by holding the L1 button. Something new in Final Fantasy XII International led to a change in its CERO rating. Final Fantasy XII originally got an all ages CERO A rating. On the box art Final Fantasy XII: International has a CERO B rating. It’s not a huge rating difference, but one of the possibilities for the change is Final Fantasy XII: International may have kept the kidnapping scene where Penelo gets tied up. This part was cut in the Japanese release, but when Square-Enix USA localized Final Fantasy XII they went back to put it in.








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