Gundam fans be on the ready. Korea’s version of SD Gundam Capsule Fighters is adding several favorites, including Unicorn Gundam (Full armor version), Star Build Strike Gundam, and even the Qubeley Pappilon. You can check out the Unicorn Gundam vid above.




In the latest update to the game, five new Gundams were added. The SD Gundam Capsule Fighters series is a third-person action MMO, where both sides dash and dodge while trying to blow the other side to bits. The SD stands for “Super Deformed”, cute and tiny versions of the original Gundams.


20140624171628_2941 20140624171629_3813

20140624171629_7088 20140624171632_3308

This Is Game has more videos on their YouTube channel of each of the different mechs in action.


SD Gundam Capsule Fighters is out now on PC. There’s an English version of the game as well.


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