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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Has More Units Than G Generation Genesis


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The latest issue of Famitsu has an interview with the developers of the recently announced SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays, where they discuss the features of the game, and what has changed from the previous title, G Generation Genesis. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]


Here are the highlights:

  • All scoutable characters have cut-ins. The cockpit shown will change depending on the mobile suit they are in, and voice-overs will available for every available playable character.


  • The battle scenes will put smiles on the faces of fans as they experiment with what different pilots say when piloting different units.


  • The dialogue for when units get damaged or destroyed are quite lengthy.


  • Cross Rays has been built ground-up from the models to the animation. For Genesis, they challenged themselves in seeing how far they could go with making full animations with hardware limitations, but for this game, they aimed to have even more fully animated units than in Genesis.


  • In Genesis, there were some battle animations that were still images or rough animations, but the animations this time will be smooth.


  • The number of animations for attacking and evading are quite plentiful this time.


  • For this game, they wanted to add to the experience of the included titles.


  • While four titles seems like very little, it’s expanded upon by the massive amount of spin-off series. There are more units in this game than in Genesis.


  • There are no main scenarios where the four series will cross over.


  • The characters in these four series were popular, and the dev team wanted to convey the appeal of them to the players, which is why these four titles were chosen.


  • You can start with any of the four works.


  • There’s a lot of content in this game, so the devs want players to share it on social media when they beat the game.


SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays releases in Japan and Asia in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Check out the first trailer here.

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