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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Producer On How The Series Are Chosen, Raid Units, And More


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Today, Bandai Namco showed off more gameplay of SD Gundam: G Generations Cross Rays on stage at ACGHK 2019. Producer Kensuke Tsukanaka showed off some gameplay with the character Lockon Stratos, who is voiced by voice actor Shinichiro Miki, who was present at the event as well.


Check out gameplay of Gundam Dynames and Cherudim Gundam, as well as the newly-revealed Zabanya Gundam below:


Next we have general gameplay of the game featuring units from across all timelines:


After the stage show, Tsukanaka also sat down for an closed interview with Siliconera and other press members, where he talked about how which series that are being added were chosen, what his favorite series is, why raid units were added, and more.


Check out the highlights below:

How do you choose which series, and which units from the series are chosen?

Kensuke Tsukanaka, producer: “This is a question I hear a lot. In this first place, beginning with the previous game Genesis and now with Cross Rays, we are completely remaking the models. There are also many new combat animations as well. Obviously we want to add in every title, but no matter what, there’s the matter of the schedule, budget, and so we need to make choices. So first we choose to a certain amount series that will form the core of the game. This time, there are new systems we want to take advantage of, and while in the past we focused on worlds that have battleships and units moving as a team, this time we found it easier to add in series where units act more like a unit on their own freely, so we chose these series.”

“My favorite is Gundam X. I wanna add it…”


One of the main series in this game is Iron-Blooded Orphans, which is mostly limited to its anime without side stories. Will that mean there are less units from that series in the game?

Tsukanaka: “In terms of story scenarios, we have a a solid amount to of them to represent the game, as well as quite a good amount of units. Because Iron-Blooded Orphans Gekko is also included, there is quite a good amount.”


As you play the G Generation series of games, there is the demerit that the game gets easier and easier to play. How is the difficulty in this game?

“It’s true that as you continue to play, the game gets easier, but we have prepared extra hard stages for those who are very into the game. As we previously explained, because of the different worlds in the series, the units’ upgrades and abilities will be quite different from each other as well, which will add things to look forward to in the future.”


Will there be enough space to collect one of every unit in the game?

Tsukanaka: “This time we have enough space to collect all units.”


Regarding Raid Units, in the past the series has focused on the interplay between units and battleships. What sort of new gameplay experiences can we expect on the tactical front for players?

“Right, so with 00, Wing, and more, these series focus on units that stand out apart from a battleship, and so it would be fun to use them on their own using the new system. With battleships you really need to advance together in a formation, while with Raid Units you can have fun spreading out units and move onwards without needing to stick together.”

“When you stick together, HP heals eaiser, while when your units are spread out, EN refills easier. So when they’re huddled up, it’s hard to take them down, but you run the risk of running out of EN; while if you attack in various directions, your attacks can be more powerful as you regain more EN, but it’s easier to be defeated as well. So Raid Units provide a different way of playing.”


Regarding the new Ability Get system, are there defeating those units are there other stage requirements in order to receive them?

Tsukanaka: “So abilities and skills are two elements in the game. Skills are commands each character can use, while abilities are used to strengthen characters. The Attack Burst ability is also in this game, and this time the new feature are Ability Holders. And there are ways to get skills outside the Ability Holders as well.

The abilities that the Ability Holders have will change depending on the stage difficulty. And for example, when you clear certain requirements, you unlock secret characters, who have random abilities. Please play hard and work towards getting the ability you want.”


Will the Asia version have a Limited Edition as well?

Tsukanaka: “Yes, there is one planned. We’re still not sure about the G Sound Selection and what Asia palyers would want in it, so we’re collecting opinions on this right now.”


Will you add in other non-UC series later on?

Tsukanaka: “I did mention I liked Gundam X, didn’t I? And there are various series outside that as well. But the concept this time is focused on these four worlds, and our team is still in the midst of development, so we’re not in a situation where we’re able to think about what’s ahead yet, but our team really likes how the battle animations in this game turned out, and feel that there are many things that can be done with the various series like G Gundam, Turn A Gundam, Reconguista in G, Gundam Age, Gundam X… and we’re discussing if there’s anything we can do about that.”

“By the way, what series would you like to be added the most from the series not in the game yet?”


Age. Turn A. G Gundam.

Tsukanaka: “That’s nearly all of them.” (laughs) “But I get it. I’ll try my best.”


This is a game recreating events from the original anime, but if I haven’t watched the anime, is it possible to jump straight into the game?

“In the game, we’ve made it so you can understand what’s going on, so you can also enjoy the game as a way of getting your way into the series.”


Will there be any crossover storyline in this game?

Tsukanaka: “No, there will not be. However, as this game is focused on recreating the plot events, there are quite a few stages. Which of you like the crossover-type games better? (show of hands) Like I thought, there are definitely fans. While this game is a series recreation game, I’ll see if it’s possible to challenge making a crossover-type game in the future. Monoeyes Gundam, which is the first-print bonus, is a crossover-type G Generation game, so while it’s only in Japanese, please enjoy that game too.”


SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Cross Rays releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Japan on November 28, 2019. You can check out a few of the recently-announced units here.

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