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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays’ Third and Fourth DLC Brings In Even More Alternate Timelines


Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays‘ third and fourth DLC packs, which bring in new units you’ll be able to create after completing the relevant Dispatch Missions.

These include units from all across Gundam history, bringing in even more units from other timelines into the game, such as from Gundam X, Reconguista in G, G Gundam, and more. Here’s the full list of Dispatch Missions, as well as the relevant unit, BGM, and pilot unlocks:

Added Dispatch Mission Set 3

The Return of Black History (Turn A)

  • Unit: Bandit
  • BGM: Final shore
  • Character: Merrybell Gadget
  • BGM: Century Color
  • Character: Gym Ghingnham
  • Unit: Turn X

The Ruthless Fight! Schwarz’s Last Match Decision! (G Gundam)

  • Unit: Rising Gundam
  • BGM: Moeagare Toushi
  • Character: Rain Mikamura
  • BGM: Flying in the Sky
  • Character: Schwarz Bruder
  • BGM: Waga Kokoro Mei Kagami Shisui
  • Unit: Shadow Gundam

The Light of Hope Will Not Be Extinguished! (Gundam X)

  • Unit: Bertigo
  • Character: Carris Nautilus
  • Unit: Gundam X Divider
  • Character: Jamil Neate
  • BGM: Resolution

Memory of Eden (Gundam AGE)

  • Unit: Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound
  • BGM: Zeheart
  • BGM: ASH
  • Character: Zeheart Galette
  • Unit: Gundam Legilis
  • Character: Captain Ash

Added Dispatch Mission Set 4

“With you, if it’s with you,” Next Prologue (Gundam X Next Prologue)

  • Unit: Gundam Nouvelle
  • Character: Carris Nautilus (NEXT)
  • Character: Garrod Ran (NEXT)
  • Unit: Gundam X Unit 3

Rising on Earth (Reconguista in G)

  • Unit: Kabakali
  • BGM: Idainaru Kyoi
  • Character: Mask
  • BGM: Futari no Mahou
  • Character: Raraiya Akupari
  • Unit: G-Lucifer
  • BGM: G no Senkou
  • Unit: G-Self Perfect Pack

The New School of Master Asia Aura of Royalty (G Gundam)

  • Unit: Nobel Gundam
  • Character: Allenby Beardsley
  • BGM: Gekitou no Naka Sorezore no Yakusoku
  • Character: Domon Kasshu
  • Character: Master Asia, Undefeated of the East
  • BGM: Trust You Forever
  • Unit: Master Gundam
  • Unit: Burning Gundam

Kio’s Decision: Together with the Gundam (Gundam AGE)

  • Unit: Gundam AGE-3 Normal
  • BGM: Kio
  • Character: Kio Asuno
  • BGM: Aurora
  • Unit: Gundam AGE-FX

Added Dispatch Mission Set 3 will release in February 2020, while Dispatch Mission Set 4 releases in March 2020.

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is available for the PC worldwide. It can also be found on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan. Check out our playtest on the game here.

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