Secret Of Evermore Gets A Remaster Album For Its 20th Anniversary


Squaresoft’s 1995 SNES RPG Secret of Evermore will be 20-years-old on October 1st this. To celebrate, composer and arranger Sean Schafianski has put together an album of high-quality arrangements of the game’s most memorable themes.


It’s called Secret of Evermore: Remastered Tracks and is available to listen to and pay-what-you-want for on LOUDR right now.


"Squaresoft RPGs like Secret of Evermore hold a special place in my heart," Schafianski said. "When Evermore came out in 1995–I was only six!–I had already caught the RPG bug, and the game’s quirky style quickly won me over. I want game music lovers to experience the same nostalgia I did when listening to this amazing soundtrack again."


Schafianski has previously put together arrangement albums for other games including NieR, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VII. You can also find those over on LOUDR as part of Schafianski’s “Video Game Music Remastered” series.


It’s also worth noting that the Secret of Evermore soundtrack was the first composed by Jeremy Soule. He would go on to compose for many more games including The Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars series, Dota 2, and Neverwinter Nights.

Chris Priestman