See Beck Running Around Red Ash


red ash
Comcept has released a video that will hopefully help you see why the Red Ash: The Indelible Legend Kickstarter might be worth your money. The Mega Man Legends successor now has a gameplay video. It’s incredibly rudimentary, but it does let someone see the Mighty No. 9 version of Beck running around Great Slope. You may even see him walk past another familiar face.



The second half of the video shows Comcept working on the character model for Red Beck. We don’t actually get to see him move, mind you, but it does provide a better idea of what he’ll look like in the game.


Of course, Red Ash needs quite a bit of money to polish that prototype. The goal is $800,000, the product ends in a week, and only a little over $472,000 has been raised so far. $25 is the minimum amount a person has to pledge to get the game. The $89 plateau guarantees people a physical copy if the project happens.


Worst case scenario, at least it really looks like Studio4℃’s Red Ash -Magicicada- anime is going to happen! It’s at just over $103,000, and only needs $150,000 by August 3.

Jenni Lada
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