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See Final Fantasy Explorers’ Legacy Heroes And Heroines In Action


In Final Fantasy Explorers, people don’t always have to be their custom hero or heroine. They can also see what it’s like to be a legend. Moogles assign people character magicite quests, which allow people to channel an iconic hero or heroine from Final Fantasy IV through XIII in the midst of a battle. It’s all thanks to the Trance Mode, which lets someone tap into 11 legendary heroes. At the 42 second mark in the trailer, you can see Square Enix go through some of the Legacy characters.


While only Cloud, Yuna, and Lightning are highlighted over, people have many more options in Final Fantasy Explorers. Here’s the full list of who’s there, and what they can do.

  • Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil can use Soul Shift.
  • Final Fantasy V’s Bartz can use Master Mime.
  • Final Fantasy VI’s Terra can use Riot Blade.
  • Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith can use Great Gospel.
  • Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud can use Omnislash.
  • Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa can use Final Heaven.
  • Final Fantasy VIII’s Squall can use Lion Heart.
  • Final Fantasy X’s Tidus can use Blitz Ace.
  • Final Fantasy X-2’s Yuna can use Great Whirl.
  • Final Fantasy XII’s Vaan can use Luminescence.
  • Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning can use Gestalt Drive.



Squall_01 Terra__01 Terra__02 Trance_Eidolon_ Yuna_ Bartz_ Bartz__02 Lightning__02 Squall_ Squall__02

Final Fantasy Explorers will come to the Nintendo 3DS on January 26 in North America. Europe will get the game three days later, on January 29.

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