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See How Forbidden Magna’s Combat Is Different From Rune Factory



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In Forbidden Magna, you’ll spend plenty of time taking care of the inn and Spirit girls. However, when you’re out there fighting, you’ll want a good understanding of the girls and their weapons. The game’s latest trailer gives us a look at the Spirit girls in action.


The trailer starts out with a brief introduction of the protagonist Lux who meets the Spirit girl, Charlotte, who’ll be part of his big journey. They also show some of the battle system, where characters can freely move within the blue circle.


The red part shows where their attacks hit, so fitting in as many enemies possible along with doing big combos, is the key to winning battles in Forbidden Magna.


Each Spirit girl has their own weapons and characteristics. You can check them all out starting at the 1:12 mark of the video. Certain weapons excel at power, while others might be better at range or mobility.


Putting all the Spirit girls’ characteristics, weapon-types, and traits in consideration part of the strategic aspects of the game you’ll need to figure out before taking on new challenges.


When you’re not fighting, you’ll need to communicate with the girls, in the inn parts, which can be seen at 2:40. By getting closer and friendlier with the girls, they can learn new special attacks that will likely come in handy for future battles.


Forbidden Magna is slated for release on October 2, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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