See How To Full Combo The New Aqours Song In Love Live School Idol Festival


School Idol Festival Night Sky Knows Everything

“Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteruno?” is the new song from Aqours that is the challenge song for “The Night Sky Knows Everything” event in the English global version of Love Live! School Idol Festival. Players have the chance to earn a SR Chika as one of the top completion rewards or a SR Riko as one of the top event ranking rewards during the event.


Chika and Riko are members of the new idol group Aqours. Fans are getting to know these new characters through the anime series, Love Love! Sunshine!! Players of the game also earn a bonus Love Gem/Loveca Stone each week when new episodes of the anime debut.


The challenge song is an upbeat track featuring Aqours group members Chika, Ruby, and You. Together, these three girls form the mini-group called CYaRon. To see how the song plays without spending Love Gems, watch the following video that shows a Love Live School Idol Festival player earning a Full Combo on the Expert difficulty setting.



“The Night Sky Knows Everything” event in Love Love! School Idol Festival runs until August 22 at 1:00 a.m PST (8:00 UTC).