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What Happens When Dawn Of The New World Heroes Meet Other Tales Characters



In Tales of the World: Reve Unitia, a bunch of characters from the Tales series will get together so it’ll be fun to see how they interact. This time, we get to see Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World’s Marta Lauldi and Emil Castagnier catching up with other Tales characters.


Marta’s video starts out with her scolding Stahn Aileron from Tales of Destiny being his usual self and somehow falling asleep in the middle of combat.


He mutters “I can’t eat anymore Ri-” which Marta assumes he was about to finish with the name of someone he likes, but as it turns out, he was about to say “ringo”  which means “apple” in Japanese, followed by a disappointed Marta.


In Emil’s video, Norma Beatty shows up saying that he’s the rumored man who changes eye-color depending on his personality. She doesn’t remember his name, but after he introduces himself again, she decides to give him the nickname of “Milmil”.


Emil doesn’t seem too familiar with the concept of nicknames, so just in case he didn’t like it, Norma goes with Emichin, Emicchi or Emisuke. In the end, Emil decides to go with Milmil, since it was the first on that she chose to give him.


In the end, she takes off, but Emil is shown pretty surprised at how easily she approached him, even though they hardly even talked much. He never got a nickname from anyone before, so it got a nice smile out of him, in the end.


Tales of the World: Reve Unitia will be released in Japan on October 23, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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