See More Historic Heroes In Sega’s New Time Traveling Smartphone Game World Chain



Chain Chronicle staff of Sega is working on a new “chain scenario RPG” for smartphone called World Chain, featuring time traveling and various historic figures. Here’s a look at its newest trailer.


As previously detailed, the game’s genre is listed as a “school life X history IF” meaning various “what if” scenarios with high school students that time travel. The game is said to carry the essence of the Chain series, but it’ll take place in a completely different world, where they use a mysterious smartphone called “Chain Driver” to go back in time to rewrite history after someone messed it up.


During your time traveling journey, you’ll meet various heroes from different times as a “Rewriter,” while forming bonds with various historic figures to borrow their powers. There are about 130 to 140 heroes that you can expect to meet, each with their own unique stories.


World Chain launches in Japan in Fall 2016 for Android and iOS.

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