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See How Kaito Uses His Primal Focus in Lost Judgment DLC

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The Kaito Files DLC for Lost Judgment will put players in the shoes of the eponymous Kaito, and Sega has released a short trailer showing off his Primal Focus. Unlike Yagami, who relies on observation and logic to put together deductions, Kaito relies on his five senses. The trailer shows off three of his investigative skills.

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With Kaito Eye, Kaito can find oddities in his surroundings. Kaito Nose lets him find strange smells, and Kaito Ear means that no peculiar sound can escape his notice. For example, Kaito uses Kaito Nose and realizes how strange it was that there would be a smell emanating from the empty Yagami Detective Agency.

You can see the new Kaito Files DLC gameplay trailer here:

Like how he has a different investigative method than Yagami, Kaito also fights with different styles. In early March 2022, Sega released a trailer showing off Kaito’s Bruiser Style and his Tank Style. Bruiser Style is faster-paced and focuses more on his fists, while Tank Style is more powerful and relies on objects in the environment.

Lost Judgment is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and the Kaito Files DLC will go live on March 28, 2022. It will be 10 hours long.

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