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See If You Can Keep Up With Velocibox When It Arrives On PS4, PS3, And PS Vita This Summer



Due to LOOT Interactive’s new publishing arm, Shawn Beck is able to bring his twitch-action arcade dodger Velocibox to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita this summer. It will also be displayed at E3 this year.


Released on PC last year, Velocibox has you flipping and spinning a cube as it hurtles through more than 70 patterns These patterns, by the way, are set inside 3D channels and manifest as geometric pipes that do nothing other than get in your way. It’s a game that demands you keep up and react with extreme precision lest you die immediately.


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And if the normal mode isn’t testing enough for you, then don’t fret, as there is a “Super Velocibox” mode that is there for the uber-hardcore players out there.


You can find out more about Velocibox on its website where you can even play a demo version in your browser.

Chris Priestman