See If Kriophobia Gets Classic Survival Horror Right With Its Playable Demo

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Fira Games wants to bring back the classic survival horror game with Kriophobia. It’s an episodic game that takes place around Zhokhov Island, in northern Russia, and follows a haunted and distant young woman called Anna.


She’s a geologist who went to the island to study seismic activity but ends up falling into a sealed military complex. While down there, she has to face her past, as well as help her colleagues while as as of yet unknown horror lurks.



Using fixed camera angles, a point-and-click interface, and a graphic novel art style, Fira Games thinks it has all the right elements to achieve its goal while ensuring the design is still modern enough to work on PC and mobile.


It’s also on Steam Greenlight where you can find more information and vote for it to come to Steam. Fira have released a demo of the game for PC and Mac, too, which you can find here.


Consider checking out Kriophobia on Kickstarter, where Fira Games is hoping to find $50,000 in funding to finish the game.



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