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See What It’s Like To Create An Etrian Odyssey V Character


003 Etrian Odyssey has always been a series where players are able to put together their own parties of unique characters and take them into dungeons. In Etrian Odyssey V, an array of new customization options are available to make every party member unique. In 4Gamer’s latest footage, we’re able to see the step by step process that lets people put together a party.


Character creation begins by picking a race. There are four available in-game, the human-esque Earthrun, elf-like Lunarias, bestial Therians, and diminuative Bronies. Race determines which classes can be used, as Earthruns can be Fencers, Dragoons, Cestuses, and Reapers, Lunarias can be Necromancers or Warlocks, Therians can be Hounds or Masuraos, and Bronies can be Herbalists and Shamans. After picking a race and class, you decide on one of four character portraits. You can then adjust the hair, eye, and skin colors of this person, as well as his or her voice. While there are starting base hues for things like hair, you can also tweak and adjust it for more personalized appearances. There are 40 different voice options, with 20 each for men and women.


While the first three minutes of the 4Gamer’s Etrian Odyssey V footage begins with character creation options, the additional 12 go over the dungeon crawling and battles players can expect in the game.



Etrian Odyssey V will come to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on August 4, 2016.

Jenni Lada
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