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See Matthew and A Fight for the Future in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC Matthew and A

Nintendo released new information about the combat abilities of Matthew and A, two of the main characters in the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed DLC. Matthew is a Martial Artist that uses the Ouroboros Knuckle as his weapon of choice. Meanwhile, A is a Monado Fencer, and she can use her Monado to share Visions of the immediate future with the party.

Matthew, the new protagonist in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed DLC, can shower his enemies with a relentless barrage of blows. His Talent Art is Gigantic Beat, a downward thrusting ground punch that hits enemies in an area, and recharges his Arts cooldown by 50% on hit.

A is a mysterious figure wielding a Monado and wearing Ontos’ (also known as Alvis in Xenoblade Chronicles) Core Crystal as an earring. While her relationship to Alvis and the Trinity Processor is a mystery, her Talent Art allows her to share Visions of the future with the party, the same as Alvis did for Shulk. During the time of her Visions, her Talent Art changes to Vanishing End, a swift piercing attack that ignore enemy defenses.

A’s Vanishing End Talent Art recharges normally by using role actions. However, she can also fully charge her Talent Art by using Light Field during Vision time. The number of Visions A can use are limited per encounter, as indicated by the blue charges above her Talent Art gauge.

Additionally, Nintendo also shared a video of the party in Future Redeemed walking somewhere on Aionios.

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed DLC will release with Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass on April 25, 2023. The base Xenoblade Chronicles 3 game is needed to play the expansion.

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