Namco Bandai is taking the Super Robot Taisen formula and replacing the robots with anime heroines. Super Heroine Chronicle has characters from ten different series. The latest characters revealed come from Symphogear, Higurashi When they Cry, and Twin Angel.


Twin Phantom from Twin Angel

pic01_b (6) pic02_b (6)


Yase from Kyousogiga

pic01_b pic02_b


Rabi en Rose from Di Gi Charat

pic01_b (1) pic02_b (1)


Chris Yukine from c

pic01_b (2) pic02_b (2)


Riku Furude from Higurashi When they Cry

pic01_b (3) pic02_b (3)


Huang Lingyin from Infinite Stratos

pic01_b (4) pic02_b (4)


Siesta from The Familiar of Zero

pic01_b (5) pic02_b (5)

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