Transformers Online was revealed during this year’s ChinaJoy conference this week, and the latest footage shows off a sharp cinematic of Optimus Prime, robot transformations, and some PvP gameplay.


In the announcement trailer, Optimus Prime delivers a monologue like only he can with lines like, “Summon me. Protect our home. It’s your destiny, as well as mine.” The invitation is preceded by Optimus showing off his Energon sword and blaster.




A brief video of the convention demo shows off some of the transformations and weapon options for several transformers.



Additional footage reveals more Aubobots and Decepticons from the roster in addition to fan favorites like Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee. During the PvP gameplay portion of video, it is shown that Optimus Prime can move around the map in Bot mode or vehicle mode, and cause disruptions by setting up turrets.



Tencent Games and Hasbro are creating Transformers Online for the Chinese market, and there is no word on a possible release in other territories.


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