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See Screenshots Of Octopath Traveler’s Four Secret Jobs


octopath secret 1


Last week, it was revealed that Octopath Traveler has four hidden job classes. Recently, more information and several screenshots were released for the secret job classes. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)



The four secret jobs are the Warlord, the Augur, the Rune Lord and the Enchanter.


octopath secret 2

octopath secret 3


Like its name implies, the Warlord uses various trained military arts to defeat the enemy.



octopath secret 4

octopath secret 5


Using strong magic, the Augur annihilates the enemy.


Rune Lord

octopath secret 6

octopath secret 7


Rune Lords fight using the power of runes that are bound to their weapons.



octopath secret 8

octopath secret 9


The Enchanter uses the power of the stars to fight, rather than regular strength.


Party Chat

party chat 1


As you go further along in the story, Party Chats will occur between characters in your party. The chats differ depending on who is in your party at the time. It’s a good way to take a look at what your allies think of what’s happened so far.


party chat 2


You can read conversations about what is happening in the story between party members.


party chat 3


Even for the same event, the contents of the Party Chat may differ depending on who you have with you.


party chat 4


You can see party members interacting in various ways at the pub.


Octopath Traveler will come to the Nintendo Switch on July 13, 2018.

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