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See The Joyful World Of Katamari Creator’s Next Game



Funomena has released a new E3 trailer for its playful PlayStation 4 puzzle game Wattam. It’s the next game from Keita Takahashi, who previously delighted people with his games Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy.


Wattam is all about helping the Mayor of Wattam to reunite his citizens. It turns out that, before the game starts, a gigantic explosion tore the world into pieces that were spread across the galaxy, therefore separating the inhabitants of Wattam. You need to bring all these pieces back together and the people stranded upon them.


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You do this by stacking and chaining groups of people and getting them to hold hands. Once you have a big enough group you can make the mayor explode using the bomb under his hat. Why would you do this? Funomena explains: “these explosions will be so stunning that *anyone* would want to get a closer look. By building crazy chains and stacks, and then blowing them up, you will fill the sky with joy. This is what unlocks new people, new levels and eventually new worlds to play in.”


The challenge in Wattam is in finding hidden people or those who are asleep around the scraps of the world. For example, with flowers, you may have to pour water on them (or have a cloud rain on them) to have them grow from sprouts into beautiful flowers. There are also “boss” characters that will be hard to make a connection with.



The different citizens of Wattam all have unique abilities that you’ll have to use by themselves or in combination with others – this is where the puzzle comes in (as well as stacking them up, battling against their wobbles). But also, delightfully, as you get them all to join hands they’ll contribute a riff to a larger melody so that as you progress you’ll form a song.


Wattam will be coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Chris Priestman