See the Junji Ito Maniac Anime’s Hikizuri Siblings and Ice Cream Bus

See the Junji Ito Maniac Anime’s Hikizuri Siblings and Ice Cream Bus

The Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre anime series is now available on Netflix, and there are teaser clips showing some of the mangaka’s more notable stories brought to life. People can see clips from the episodes featuring the Hikizuri siblings and Ice Cream Bus stories. While the former are recurring characters who appeared in multiple stories, the latter only appeared in one Horror World of Junji Ito installment.

First, here’s the trailer introducing the Hikizuri siblings in the Junji Ito Maniac anime. It begins with Kazuya, the eldest at 19, as he’s going off to work. Then, there’s 18-year-old Kinako. After that is Shigoro, who is 16. Narumi, the sibling with the most normal appearance, is 14. Finally, there are 10-year-old Hitoshi and 8-year-old Misako.

The more recent clip showed off the mysterious Ice Cream Bus. Sonohara is a divorced father raising his son Tomoki, but he noted his child no longer wants to visit his mother. Tomoki notes that the bus doesn’t go there. Sonohara then gets to see the titular bus for himself.

There are 12 episodes of Junji Ito Maniac available on Netflix, with “The Strange Hikizuri Siblings” and “The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel Ice Cream Bus.” It is unknown if Netflix will continue sharing clips from the show. If so, the next one in this teaser series will offer a peek at the “Hanging Balloon” episode. A past clip looked at the “Tomie Photo” episode.

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