PlayStation 4

See Two New Characters Coming To The Wild Guns Remake


    Wild Guns Reloaded - Dorris and Bullet

    The teaser trailer for Wild Guns: Reloaded gives viewers a glimpse of the two new characters being added to the SNES remake. Joining Clint and Annie on the steampunk shoot out in the wild west are Bullet and Annie. Bullet, a dog, is a speedy shooter assisted by a drone-like robot. Dorris is a muscular gal who cleans up by chucking strategically placed grenades.


    Dorris and Bullet open the video with some traditional two-player gameplay. By the end, Clint and Annie arrive for a boss fight, showing off some of the game’s four-player action.


    The original Wild Guns debuted in 1994 on the Super Nintendo. Reloaded is a remake being brought to the PlayStation 4 in celebration of Natsume Atari’s 30th anniversary.



    Wild Guns: Reloaded is expected to release in Fall 2016.


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