See Upcoming Dreamcast Shmup The Ghost Blade In Action For The First Time


After an initial teaser, then a release date announcement (September 2015), HuCast has finally shown off gameplay footage of upcoming Dreamcast shmup The Ghost Blade.


The video has no new details to speak of, but considering that The Ghost Blade has been pre-orderable for almost a year already, it’s about time we got a chance to see what the game looks like in action.


If you do want a refresher, The Ghost Blade has you defending Earth from an alien invasion with humanity’s last chance at survival – the titular spaceship. There are actually three playable ships with different gun types, five levels to beat with huge bosses in Stage Mode, a Time Attack Mode, and a two or five minute Caravan Mode.


You can grab the Regular Edition for €32.95 / $44.99 on HuCast’s website and Play-Asia. The 2-disc Limited Edition, which adds the soundtrack, will cost you €52.95 / $89.99 also available on HuCast’s website and Play-Asia.

Chris Priestman