Seek Pirate Booty in Fate/Grand Order: Chaldea Summer Adventure

Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Summer Adventure

The Fate/Grand Order Summer 2021 event that was announced during the FGO World livestream is finally underway. This year, humanity’s final Master and her ragtag group of Servants travel to the Caribbean islands to embark upon a quest for a legendary pirate’s lost treasure. “Chaldea Summer Adventure!: The Dream-Chasing Boy and the Dreaming Girl” will run from September 8 to September 29, 2021 on the Japanese server.

Players who finish the event story quest will have the opportunity to obtain a free SR version of Leonardo da Vinci. Though she wields a water gun, she is not part of the Archer class. Rather, she is a Ruler. As per usual, male Servants have summer skins for you to unlock with event currency, whereas female Servants will appear as separate units for you to pull from the limited gacha.

The male Servants who have new costumes for the Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Summer Adventure event are: Achilles, Mandricardo, and Blackbeard. Currently, there are three female Servants who are available from the summer banner. They are: Okita Alter (Saber), Anastasia & Viy (Archer), and Charlotte Corday (Caster). Both Charlotte and Anastasia are SR Servants, and Okita is SSR. There will also be a later banner that features summer versions of Caenis, Kama, and Sei Shonagon.

You can view the commercial for Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Summer Adventure, as well as Leonardo da Vinci’s Noble Phantasm animation here:

Fate/Grand Order is readily available worldwide on mobile devices. The Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Summer Adventure is only on the Japanese server.

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