Sega Ages Alex Kidd In Miracle World Finds New Screenshots And Features To Share


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Alex Kidd, Sega’s mascot before Sonic hit the scene, is returning with Sega Ages Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Sega has updated the official site for Sega Ages with new screenshots and info on what is being added to this version.


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Apart from Original Mode that lets you play the original game as originally intended, the Sega Ages version also includes an Ages Mode that plays the BGMs in the game via a FM sound unit, so you can listen to music in a different manner.


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There are new options for those less proficient at platforming games, such as an easier Continue option when you get a Game Over, and a Helper feature where you can rewind five seconds. New event illustrations have been added as well before the stage begins, and BGMs that were recorded but were left unused in the original game have been added in properly.


Sega Ages Alex Kidd in Miracle World launches for Nintendo Switch ‘in the near future’ in Japan.

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