Sega Ages Out Run Coming Worldwide In 2019; New Screenshots Revealed



Sega has shared information on the official site about Sega Ages Out Run, the next game coming out after Phantasy Star.


sega ages out run 1 sega ages out run 2


The Nintendo Switch Sega Ages version will run in 60fps and support widescreen. The new songs added to the Nintendo 3DS version, ‘Cruising Line’ and ‘Camino a Mi Amor’, will be included as well. Furthermore, ‘Step on Beat’ from the Mega Drive version, ‘Radiation’ from OutRun 2 SP, and more will be included in a rearranged format that makes them sound like a track from the original game.


sega ages out run 3 sega ages out run 4


The game will support gyro controls that let you play the game in a manner similar to how the arcade game played.


sega ages out run 5 sega ages out run 6


The tuning up feature from the 3DS version will be included in this version as well. You can customize cornering, engine, tire, and bumper parts to change your car’s specs.


Finally, a Sega spokesperson has confirmed that the game will be coming worldwide in early 2019. [Thanks, Eurogamer!]


Sega Ages Out Run is set to come out on Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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