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Sega Announces Free-to-Play Online RPG For Smartphones, PC, Vita



    It looks like Sega are adding another online RPG title to their library, with the announcement of The World End Eclipse, a “theatrical online RPG” revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


    The World End Eclipse takes place in a world that has been brought to ruins due to a war amongst dragons in the past. Humans that were once purged from the lands are now growing their civilization with towns on the backs of the dragons’ remains.


    Famitsu says that as the days go by, mankind faces all kinds of different hurdles such as ongoing attacks from monsters, and even other humans. Based on the little information about the game’s story, it sounds like it could have some sort of a survival theme, similar to what we have in Phantasy Star Nova, but with a more fantasy setting with monsters and dragons.


    According to a Game Jouhou report, The World End Eclipse will not only be fantasy-based, but it will also have some military elements as well.


    Valkyria Chronicles producer Shinji Motoyama is acting as producer for The World End Eclipse, and is expected to share more details on the game, including info on the “Hunting Corps” group led by the protagonist, and information on two female characters in the magazine issue.


    The main character is designed by Katsumi Enami, known for his work on designs for Baccano!, Ys Seven, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash. Hitoshi Sakimoto who worked on music for Final Fantasy Tactics is in charge of the game’s OST.


    Save data can be shared across all platforms, and the game also has cross-platform cooperative play. There are also elements that will change the world according to actions done by the players, in addition to putting your name in the history of the game’s world.


    The World End Eclipse is currently in development for smartphones, PC and Vita. Hokanko-Alt reports that the game will be free-to-play with micro-transactions.


    The World End Eclipse is expected to release sometime this winter.

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