Sega Announces Mobile Time Traveling RPG World Chain By Chain Chronicle Staff



Last week we saw Sega with a vague teaser for a new smartphone game, and today the company revealed it as World Chain, an upcoming “chain scenario RPG” called World Chain by Chain Chronicle staff that is expected to launch in Fall 2016.


The above is a look at World Chain’s first trailer.


The genre is listed as a “school life X history IF” so by the sounds of it, it basically tells a story that revolves around high school kids mixed in historic “what if” situations. While it may have a bit of an essence from the Chain series, it’ll take place in a completely different world.


As for the story, the protagonist wakes up in the academy where history has been warped and people have disappeared, and he happens to find a mysterious smartphone called “Chain Driver” in his hands. This device is actually a tool that allows him to go back in time to “rewrite” history, which has been warped by someone. Where are the people that disappeared? Who was it that messed with history? During your journey you’ll meet various heroes from different times, as the characters grow and tell the story of the mysterious “Rewriters.”


In the game, the protagonists known as “Rewriters” will form bonds with historic heroes and borrow their powers. There are about 130 to 140 heroes that appear, and each one of them will have their own unique stories.


The battles will involve using the power of heroes that you’ve bonded with, by summoning them in real-time defense game action. Parties consist of one hero for each Rewriter as a set, and each character will have their own parameters and abilities. There are adventure parts (visual novel-like gameplay) for deepening your bond with the characters, which will feature conversations among the Rewriters as well.


World Chain will release in Japan in Fall 2016 for Android and iOS.

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