Sega Countdown Site Teases Cosmic Smash VR

cosmic smash

Sega uploaded a mysterious countdown that looks to be a Cosmic Smash tease. The hashtag and URL in the Tweet is “CSMASHVRS.” So it is likely some form of Cosmic Smash VR project.

The tweet and site in question feature dots that form the shape of an eye. When it blinks, the dots temporarily form orange lines. As of the time of writing, there are twenty days left on the countdown. The website uses a similar animation. Aside from the eye, the dots occasionally form the remaining time, as well as a visualizer for the music. There are a lot of other patterns that the dots form, including a Pong-like game. When you drag your mouse through the dots, they follow you as well.

Cosmic Smash was an arcade and Dreamcast game that originally came out in 2001. It is a single-player game similar to Squash and Breakout. You hit a ball against a wall to try and get rid of tiles. Your score depends on your time, whether or not you dropped the ball, and if you used a trick shot. Stages look like subway stations. You can reach the end of the line as quickly as possible depending on which forks you take, or you can take your time in order to maximize your score.

More information on the potential Cosmic Smash VR game will come out in approximately twenty days.

Stephanie Liu
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