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Sega Faced Technical Challenges With 3D Gunstar Heroes


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The Sega Blog has the first part in a multi-installment interview with Yosuke Okunari Sega Games Producer, and Naoki Horii, M2’s President, about the forthcoming port of 3D Gunstar Heroes. Like all installments in the 3D Remaster Project, Sega has worked to optimize the game for stereoscopic 3D, and talked extensively about the process with Okunari and Horii.


It’s especially interesting to note that Horii initially stated that some of the developers at M2 thought it might be possible to convert Gunstar Heroes’ backgrounds for stereoscopic 3D. He noted that Stage 4 in particular had a background issue, which was solved by dividing it into 1,500 pieces. In one case, the background had to be divided into 2,000 parts, which Horii described it as, “…an unspeakable amount of work that, something that would take a single programmer nearly 14 months to do.”


The two went on to say that the demand for Gunstar Heroes has always been quite high, and noted how often the game has been ported before. (It was available on seven platforms prior to the forthcoming 3DS version.) Okunari expounded on this, saying, “Originally, this project stemmed from wanting to make a Mega Drive Virtual Console, but these days just a straight port doesn’t really capture the attention of the 3DS audience. I mean, it’s been a rough time for the Game Gear Virtual Console games [on 3DS], you know. And so Gunstar Heroes was regrettable not chosen for a 3D conversion in the first batch.”


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You can read the interview in full at the Sega Blog. 3D Gunstar Heroes will be on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America and Europe on August 20.

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