Sega Mobile Title Wonder Gravity Delayed To Spring 2019


wonder gravity 3

We haven’t heard much about Sega’s smartphone game Wonder Gravity, written by Yasuko Kobayashi, and it seems its for good reason, as Sega discreetly put out a notice that the game has been delayed from 2018 to Spring 2019.


Wonder Gravity is set in a world with no land or ocean, and humans live with a tiny race known as the Pino. Humans become “Gravity Users” by simply eating the fruit of Pino. When protagonist Hugo gets a message from his father to find his way to “Endroll”, he teams up with a Pino named Neil to become a Gravity User himself, and beat everyone else to the fabled “bottom of the world”.


The game features a “Drive Lane Battle” system that uses characters and lanes in battle, which allows for a player to incorporate their own strategies into the game. Previously, Sega shared a trailer for the game back in September, which you can find in our report here.


Wonder Gravity launches for iOS and Android in Spring 2019.

Alistair Wong
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