Sega R360 Added to Galloping Ghost Arcade’s Collection

Sega R360 Galloping Ghost Arcade

Galloping Ghost Arcade, the largest arcade in the United States and one of the largest in the world, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. As part of it, owner Doc Mack revealed an extremely rare addition to the playable collection: a Sega R360 with G-LOC Air Battle. It was revealed as its Monday Mystery Game on August 10, 2020 on Twitch. [Thanks, SegaBits!]

Here’s the full rebroadcast on Facebook. You can actually see the Sega R360 in action and motion. This is one of only 150 cabinets ever made. Mack noted it runs on three-phase power and needed a generator to run during the demonstration. He noted that he had never played one before this acquisition. He also promised to eventually share the whole story on Facebook.

Around the 45 minute mark, Mack said Galloping Ghost is currently working out how it will arrange for it to be playable for the general public. He noted that at the start, the arcade will note whether or not it will be a Sega R360 day so potential visitors could plan accordingly. Various hurdles were mentioned for safe and proper usage, such as needing an attendant to help man it and having the generator on-hand so it could be used. It also has a 250lb weight limit for users, due to this being a full motion experience. (There is a panic button in the machine, if someone gets overwhelmed.)

Galloping Ghost Arcade is in Brookfield, IL. Admission is $20 for the full day, it is open every day, all machines are set to free play, and there are over 780 games in its collection. Its pinball collection is open on Fridays and Saturdays and has a $15 entry fee for the full day. If you follow it on Facebook, every Monday a mystery game is revealed. Some of the recent ones, aside from this Sega cabinet, were Sega’s Daytona USA, Namco’s Cyber Sled, and Atari’s I, Robot.

Jenni Lada
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