Sega Saturn-Themed Activo CT10 Audio Players Announced


sega saturn 1

Sega has revealed that they are collaborating with Activo to make Sega Saturn-themed CT10-model audio players, which will come in grey and white color variations.


sega saturn 2

These audio players will also have tracks from Sega Saturn games pre-loaded onto them. Here is the tracklist:

Grey version

  1. Sega Saturn activation sound
  2. GAME START (from Virtua Fighter)
  3. Super Sonic Racing (from Sonic R)


White version

  1. Sega Saturn activation sound
  2. Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan (from Sakura Wars)
  3. DREAMS DREAMS (from NiGHTS into dreams…)


The audio players will go on sale on November 22, 2018, and are currently available for pre-order. They will cost 44,800 yen each.

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