Sega Teases a Game Gear Micro Reveal

game gear micro

It looks like Sega has potential plans for its next micro-console. This time, it is going handheld with the Game Gear Micro. A teaser website is now open, letting people know a full reveal is coming at at 12am ET/4am UTC/1pm JST on June 3, 2020 as part of the Sega 60th anniversary. At the moment, it only shows a person’s hand with a black version of the unit in it. [Thanks, Famitsu and Daan Koopman!]

game gear micro

While the site suggests the full announcement won’t arrive until later this evening, apparently the teaser site preview thumbnail was available for a brief time and showed some of the full announcement’s details. In it, it shows an October 6, 2020 launch date for Japan, a ¥4,980 (~$46) price point, and four different color options.

While small, each of the Game Gear Micro options call back to a different color originally available for the system. For example, the blue model was available as a Sega Sports System design. The red and yellow designs were released in Japan.

The Game Gear Micro full announcement will come at 12am ET/4am UTC/1pm JST on June 3, 2020. Previously, Sega asked fans to share their thoughts with the company ahead of its 60th celebration. It also offered SNS icons.

Jenni Lada
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