Sega Teases A New Strategy Game With Characters Designed By Koji Igarashi



Sega is teasing a brand-new real-time strategy game called Revolve 8: Episodic Dueling. Staff includes Koji Igarashi, known as the former Castlevania series producer currently working on Bloodstained.


In addition to Koji Igarashi as the character designer, we have senior producer Masayoshi Kikuchi who previously worked on the Yakuza series and more recently Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation. Ryota-H who did art for  Fate/Grand Order and Lord of Vermilion is the charcter artist. Lastly for sound producers we have Shunsuke Tsuchiya who worked on Another Eden and Stella Glow alongside Yasunori Mitsuda, best known for the Chrono and Xeno series.


In addition to an English teaser site for the game, there’s also a Japanese one that has a countdown set to be revealed a little over a week from now. It’s also worth pointing out that in Japan it is being called Re:volvers 8.


More information will be revealed soon.

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